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      [sound recording].
      Madison the purple cat introduces viewers to elephants, hippos, and rhinos.
      p2004, c1996.
      This program explores Earth's age, uncovers fossils and traces evolution through the geological time periods. It also examines continental drift,
      Full screen.
      A documentary on indigenous cultures in various parts of the world, covering: the Nubians and Tuaregs of Africa; the Papuans of Papua New Guinea;
      Widescreen ed.
      Hamish finds himself transferred from his Glasgow beat to the village of Lochdubh, a town where the strangeness of the villagers is exceeded only
      This major new Radio 4 series charts the development of Western medicine and healing from the ancient Greeks to the pioneering organ transplant o
      [electronic resource]
      Tom Baker and Sophie Aldred appear in one of three full-cast BBC radio dramas based around the real-life worlds of Doctor Who. Regenerations by D
      [electronic resource] :
      Cover image for Walking with dinosaurs : the original series
      The classic Dinosaur series from BBC Earth revolutionized the natural history television world with its spectacular recreations of dinosaurs in t
      Dickens, Charles,
      [2009], p2001, 2008.
      The daughter of an imprisoned debtor suffers injustices of nineteenth-century English society.
      [sound recording]