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      [sound recording].
      p2004, c1996.
      This program explores Earth's age, uncovers fossils and traces evolution through the geological time periods. It also examines continental drift,
      Full screen.
      A documentary on indigenous cultures in various parts of the world, covering: the Nubians and Tuaregs of Africa; the Papuans of Papua New Guinea;
      Widescreen ed.
      Hamish finds himself transferred from his Glasgow beat to the village of Lochdubh, a town where the strangeness of the villagers is exceeded only
      Dickens, Charles,
      [2009], p2001, 2008.
      The daughter of an imprisoned debtor suffers injustices of nineteenth-century English society.
      [sound recording]
      King, Stephen,
      p1997, c1998.
      [Abridged ed.].
      "Dr. Louis Creed and his wife Rachel chose rural Maine to settle his family and bring up their children. It was a better place than smog-covered
      [sound recording]
      Michael Palin sets off to circumnavigate the world using only forms of transportation which were available to the fictional character Phileas Fog
      The Emmy-winning series is the definitive natural history of the world's oceans exploring everything from the popular shores and teeming shallows