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      Cover image for Vera [videorecording]
      Follows a solitary, obsessed, cantankerous investigator-- who happens to be pure genius at her job.
      Bill Ainscow and wife Wendy have spent half their lives caring for their autistic, grown-up daughter, Lisa. While Lisa lives oblivious to her ill
      Cover image for On a clear day [videorecording]
      The inspirational and triumphant story of a man who defies great odds and takes on a monumental challenge. This heartwarming tale of determinatio
      Cover image for Secrets & lies [videorecording]
      A young black woman searches for her birth parents and finds that her mother is white.
      Follows Elizabeth as she travels to London in the immediate aftermath of the bombings on July 7, 2005, after failing to hear from her daughter. E
      This is the story of Ousmane, a Muslim and Mrs. Sommers, a Christian. Ousmane lives in France and Mrs. Sommers in the Channel Islands. They both
      Cover image for Christmas angel [videorecording]
      When Eddie and Stewart's mother is struck by a car just before Christmas, her life hangs in the balance. As Eddie fights against time, he must pr
      Cover image for War & peace [videorecording]
      In Tolstoy's timeless epic of love and loss, a circle of aristocrats finds their glittering world crumbling as war threatens imperial Russia. Set
      Cover image for Saving Grace [videorecording]
      A recent widow joins with the caretaker of her estate on the Cornish coast to use her green thumb for fun and profit. All goes well until the bus
      Deluxe ed.
      Based on the true story of two brothers, Norman and Paul Maclean, growing up in Montana. While Paul rebels against the stern nature of the boys'
      Cover image for Music from another room [videorecording]
      2003, 1997.
      When a five-year-old boy aids in the birth of a family friend's baby girl, he vows to marry her when she grows up. Twenty-five years later, they
      Get to know the high-spirited and popular girl before the war in this story that paints the true portrait of Anne both before and after she went