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      Brink, Carol Ryrie,
      1st Aladdin Books ed.
      Twelve-year-old Mary Wallace and her ten-year-old sister Jean survive the wreck of an ocean liner on its way to Australia and manage to make it t
      Brink, Carol Ryrie,
      1st Aladdin Books ed.
      Fourteen tales relating the further adventures of ten-year-old Caddie and her six siblings living on the Wisconsin frontier in the 1860's.
      Brink, Carol Ryrie,
      In 1908 in Idaho fifteen-year-old Louly, left in charge during her parent's absence, has an adventurous summer with her brother, sister, and her
      Cover image for Caddie Woodlawn.
      Brink, Carol Ryrie,
      [New ed.]
      The adventures of an eleven-year-old tomboy growing up on the Wisconsin frontier in the mid-nineteenth century.
      Brink, Carol Ryrie,
      Irma's lie about having the biggest doll in the world leads her into deeper and deeper trouble.
      Brink, Carol Ryrie,
      A Depression family appropriates a summer cottage in the Wisconsin woods, where they spend the winter and welcome all visitors, including a runaw
      Brink, Carol Ryrie,
      Andy builds four robots to help him with the farm work and baby-sitting; never dreaming of the heroic services the robots will perform in an emer
      Brink, Carol Ryrie,
      Brink, Carol Ryrie,
      Brink, Carol Ryrie,
      The adventures of an eleven-year-old tomboy growing up on a Wisconsin farm in the mid-nineteenth century.