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      Wisniewski, David.
      1st ed.
      Five stories offer comical rewrites of well-known horror movies.
      Wisniewski, David.
      When an evil toy store owner brings crime to the city of Tokyo, only a mysterious, and large, hero is able to defeat the villain.
      Cover image for The secret knowledge of grown-ups : the second file
      Wisniewski, David.
      When his friend Chips is snatched and chewed, Tough Cookie sets out to stop Fingers.
      Wisniewski, David.
      A humorous revelation of the real reasons why adults tell children to do things, such as "Eat your vegetables, " "Comb your hair, " and "Don't bl
      Wisniewski, David.
      A saintly rabbi miraculously brings to life a clay giant who helps him watch over the Jews of sixteenth-century Prague.
      Cover image for The wave of the Sea-Wolf
      Wisniewski, David.
      Kchokeen, a Tlingit princess, is rescued from drowning by a guardian spirit that later enables Kchokeen to summon a great wave and save her peopl
      Cover image for Sundiata : lion king of Mali
      Wisniewski, David.
      The story of Sundiata, who overcame physical handicaps, social disgrace, and strong opposition to rule Mali in the thirteenth century.
      Wisniewski, David.
      To bring rain to his thirsty village, Pik challenges the rain god to a game of pok-a-tok.
      Cover image for Elfwyn's saga : story and pictures
      Wisniewski, David.
      1st ed.
      Although born blind because of a curse cast on her family by an evil enemy, Elfwyn finds a way to erase the curse with the help of the Hidden Fol
      Wisniewski, David.
      1st ed.
      An emperor gives his twin sons, one a warrior and one a wise man, a quest to see which will rule his kingdom.