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      Enright, Elizabeth
      Enright, Elizabeth
      c 1957
      Enright, Elizabeth
      Enright, Elizabeth,
      Voyager books
      When the children explore the country around their new summer home they find some delightful secrets and a mystery.
      Enright, Elizabeth,
      1987, c1941.
      Yearling book.
      The four Melendy children form the Independent Saturday Afternoon Club on a rainy day in New York.
      Enright, Elizabeth,
      1987, c1951.
      Left alone when Rush and Mona go away to school, Randy and Oliver are lonely and bored until a mysterious letter brings the first of many clues t
      Enright, Elizabeth,
      2008, c1944.
      1st Square Fish ed.
      A summer that promises to be eventful turns into something extra special when the four Melendy children become friends with the orphaned Mark Her
      Enright, Elizabeth,
      Four New York City siblings decide to pool their resources so that each can do a special thing on the Saturday that is his turn to receive the co
      Enright, Elizabeth,
      1st Square Fish ed.
      Unusal things begin to happen when a young girl finds a silver thimble.
      Enright, Elizabeth,
      Enjoy the adventures of eleven year-old Portia, who together with her younger brother, Foster, spend a summer with their cousin, Julian, engaged
      [electronic resource]
      Enright, Elizabeth,
      1st Harcourt young classics ed.
      Eleven-year-old Portia and her family return with cousin Julian to the site they visited the previous summer, this time to take possession of a l