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      Haley, Gail E.
      1st ed.
      Boy finds his wild brother under the surface of the river and pulls him out onto land, where Wild Boy begins to lead him astray into trouble.
      Haley, Gail E.
      "Befriended" by an old woman, a grubby urchin soon discovers her evil intent, and with the help of bird friends delivers a well-deserved comeuppa
      Haley, Gail E.
      1980, c1979.
      1st American ed.
      A rich, arrogant youth's enforced stay in the forest changes his once selfish life into a useful, generous, and satisfying one. Based on the lege
      Haley, Gail E.
      A guide to costume making with instructions for many types of accessories.
      Haley, Gail E.
      The village people join in a festival to free themselves of the demons, goblins, and spirits that cause their misfortunes.
      Haley, Gail E.
      [1st ed.]
      After a dream about a zoo with nothing but empty cages marked "Extinct, " Noah builds an ark to save the animals from the deadly pollution of the
      Haley, Gail E.
      [1st ed.]
      Recounts how most African folk tales came to be called "Spider Stories."
      Konigsburg, E. L.
      1st ed.]
      Why mosquitoes buzz in people's ears: A tall tale sets off a chain of mishaps in the jungle. Will the jungle creatures ever get the story straigh
      [videorecording] :
      Cover image for Chicka chicka boom boom [videorecording] : -- and more fun with letters and numbers!
      Chicka chicka boom boom: The letters of the alphabet race each other up the coconut tree. Five creatures: In a house filled with two parents, one
      [videorecording] :