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      Zemach, Harve.
      1975, c1966.
      Zemach, Harve.
      1st ed.
      Whenever the princess's problems seem insoluble, Froggie helps her out of her difficulties.
      Cover image for Duffy and the devil;
      Zemach, Harve.
      [1st ed.]
      The spinning and knitting the devil agrees to do for her win Duffy the Squire's name and a carefree life until it comes time for her to guess the
      Zemach, Harve.
      [1st ed.]
      A skeptical judge discovers that the five people he had put in jail were telling the truth after all.
      Zemach, Harve.
      1977, c1965.
      Ivan the Fool, youngest son of a merchant, barters the cargo of his ship for a princess and a fortune.
      Zemach, Harve.
      Zemach, Harve.
      Zemach, Harve.