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      Hodges, Margaret.
      Tells how the well-known Christmas carol, "Silent Night, " first came to be written and performed in Austria in the early 1800s.
      Cover image for Brother Francis and the friendly beasts
      Hodges, Margaret.
      1st ed.
      A young man rejects his wealthy background to lead a life of poverty and good works, always befriending animals.
      Hodges, Margaret.
      An illustrated retelling of the legend of Saint Jerome and the lion that he sheltered in his monastery.
      Hodges, Margaret.
      Fifteen-year-old Alexis, son of the ruling family of the ancient Greek city of Asini, becomes obsessed with his quest for vengeance against his f
      Hodges, Margaret.
      1st ed.
      A young peasant, with the help of his faithful and magical horse, captures a firebird, marries the woman he loves, and becomes Tsar of Russia.
      Hodges, Margaret.
      Forced by his late arrival in England to stay in separate lodgings from the rest of his school's crew team, 14-year-old Larry Dunlap finds himsel
      Hodges, Margaret.
      [1973, c1974]
      [1st ed.]
      Baldur, a young Norse god, is protected from all things except mistletoe.
      Hodges, Margaret.
      [1st ed.]
      Hodges, Margaret.
      Joshua wonders what can be so great about summer camp especially when he is the only new camper in his bunk, has a mean counselor, and does not e
      Hodges, Margaret.
      Cover image for The legend of Saint Christopher : from the Golden legend, Englished by William Caxton, 1483
      Hodges, Margaret,
      Relates the story of Offero, whose service to Jesus brought him the name of Christopher the Christ-bearer and caused him to be called the patron
      Hodges, Margaret,
      1st ed.
      Traces the lives and accomplishments of the extraordinary Mary Sherwood and her five children who played an important part in bringing great chan