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      Ets, Marie Hall,
      [1st ed.]
      The combined efforts of several animals can not pull an elephant from a well until a mouse adds his strength.
      Ets, Marie Hall,
      Sketches and brief text describe how we convey our feelings and desires without using words.
      Ets, Marie Hall,
      Ets, Marie Hall,
      A lonely little Mexican boy gets into too much mischief until he goes to the Children's Center where he learns to play with other children and to
      Ets, Marie Hall,
      A little boy emulates his many animal friends, but finds out that it is more fun just being himself, especially when he's with his father.
      Ets, Marie Hall,
      A young boy finds in the wind a playmate of many moods: one that can sail boats, fly kites, blow dirt, and turn umbrellas inside out.
      Ets, Marie Hall,
      Ceci anxiously awaits her first posada, the special Mexican Christmas party, and the opportunity to select a pi~nata for it.
      Ets, Marie Hall,
      When the animals discover that Cow has only grass to serve them at her birthday party everyone leaves--except Horse, Goat, and Lamb who stay at C
      Ets, Marie Hall,
      A little girl goes to the meadow to play, but each animal she tries to catch runs away from her--until she sits still by the pond, and they all c
      Ets, Marie Hall,
      A cat, a dog, and a mouse live together as enemies with a philosophical cobbler, but they become friends when they work together to rid their hom
      Ets, Marie Hall,
      The animals join a young boy as he walks through the forest blowing his new horn.