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      Cover image for A gardener's alphabet
      Azarian, Mary.
      An alphabet book featuring words associated with gardening, including bulbs, compost, digging, insects, and weeds.
      Azarian, Mary.
      1st ed.
      The medieval English ballad of John Barleycorn, who after being ploughed under the ground grows up again in the spring to be harvested and ultima
      Cover image for A farmer's alphabet
      Azarian, Mary.
      An alphabet book of woodcuts featuring activities and objects associated with New England farm life, from Apple, Barn, Cow through aX, Yawn, Zinn
      Michelson, Richard.
      In 1632, John Tuttle set sail from England to Dover, New Hampshire and there he set up a farm on seven acres of land. From those humble beginning
      Cover image for From dawn till dusk
      Kinsey-Warnock, Natalie.
      A woman fondly reminisces about the experiences she shared with her family throughout the various seasons on their Vermont farm.
      Pollock, Penny.
      1st ed.
      Cover image for Before we eat : from farm to table
      Brisson, Pat.
      First hardcover edition.
      As a family sits down to enjoy a meal, thoughts of those who provide the food, from farmers who plant and tend seeds to store clerks who sell gro
      Cover image for Here comes Darrell
      Schubert, Leda.
      Throughout the seasons in northern Vermont, Darrell helps his neighbors with snowplowing, supplying wood, and excavation work, never finding time
      Kinsey-Warnock, Natalie.
      Presents a descriptive list of all the things required to have a Christmas like the author's grandmother had, including farm animals, stories of
      Martin, Jacqueline Briggs.
      A biography of a self-taught scientist who photographed thousands of individual snowflakes in order to study their unique formations.
      Cover image for A symphony for the sheep
      Millen, C. M.
      After the shearer removes the winter coat from the sheep, the spinner, weaver, and knitter, each in turn, do their part to produce the wool sweat