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      Cover image for The burn farm
      Benson, Michael.
      Draws on victim recordings and perpetrator statements to trace the story of serial murderer Sheila LaBarre, describing how she sexually tormented
      Cover image for Beyond : a solar system voyage
      Benson, Michael.
      Presents the solar system from the perspective of the space probes sent to explore the heavens.
      Cover image for Wayne Gretzky, hockey player
      Cover image for The encyclopedia of the JFK assassination
      Cover image for Planetfall : new solar system visions
      Benson, Michael,
      "Thanks to the photographic output of a small squadron of interplanetary spacecraft, we have awakened to the beauty and splendor of the solar sys
      Cover image for Far out : a space-time chronicle
      Benson, Michael,
      Presents a collection of photographs depicting various sections of our solar system as well as of distant galaxies beyond the Milky Way taken by
      Cover image for White-collar crime : an opportunity perspective
      Cover image for Beyond : visions of the interplanetary probes
      Benson, Michael,
      "Since the 1960s the National Aeronautics and Space Administration has been sending unmanned satellites to explore the planets, moons, and sun. T
      Benson, Michael L.
      Benson, Thomas W.