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      Cover image for Dream wolf
      Goble, Paul.
      1st ed.
      When two Plains Indian children become lost, they are cared for and guided safely home by a friendly wolf.
      Goble, Paul.
      1st American ed.
      An Indian tribe forms a friendship with the wolves after two children, lost in the mountains, are safely returned.
      Goble, Paul.
      [1st American ed.]
      Two young Sioux join in a raiding party to capture horses from some neighboring Crows.
      Goble, Paul.
      Custer's last stand at the Little Bighorn is described as it might have been witnessed by one of the Indians participating in the battle.
      Goble, Paul.
      An account from the Indian point of view of the events of the worst defeat the United States Army suffered at the hands of the Indians.
      Cover image for The man who dreamed of elk-dogs : & other stories from the Tipi
      Goble, Paul.
      Features twenty-three traditional stories from the Blackfoot, Lakota, Assiniboin, Pawnee, and Cheyenne nations about how horses first appeared to
      Goble, Paul.
      A collection of short stories told in the traditional style of the Native American peoples.
      Goble, Paul.
      A collection of short stories told in the traditional style of the Native American peoples.
      Cover image for All our relatives : traditional Native American thoughts about nature
      Cover image for Song of creation
      Goble, Paul.
      The song of praise recorded in the Book of Daniel, which is included in both The Liturgy of the Hours and THe Book of Common Prayer is illustrate
      Goble, Paul.
      1st ed.
      After caring for an old abandoned horse, a poor young Pawnee boy is rewarded by the horse's mystic powers.