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      Zelinsky, Paul O.
      1st ed.
      The wheels on the bus go round, the wipers go swish, the doors open and close, and the people go in and out in this movable book version of the c
      Zelanski, Paul.
      2nd ed.
      Jenkins, Emily,
      First edition.
      While Little Girl is away on winter vacation, her toys, Lumphy, StingRay, and Plastic, decide to go outside and learn more about snow.
      Bingham, Kelly L.,
      First edition.
      When Moose mysteriously finds himself in a shape book (oh, please don't ask) he is the very picture of a happy Moose. Life is great! Until, well,
      Jones, Diana Wynne.
      1st ed.
      Although an orphan, Earwig has always enjoyed living at St. Morwald's, where she manages to make everyone do her bidding, but when she is taken i
      Cover image for Z is for Moose
      Bingham, Kelly L.,
      1st ed.
      Moose, terribly eager to play his part in the alphabet book his friend Zebra is putting together, then awfully disappointed when his letter passe
      Jenkins, Emily,
      1st ed.
      When a little girl gets a plush stingray for her birthday, it makes friends with some of her other toys as they all try to navigate in the world
      Isaacs, Anne.
      1st ed.
      Having moved to Montana from Tennessee in the 1830s, fearless Angelica Longrider--also known as Swamp Angel--changes the state's landscape, tames
      Prelutsky, Jack.
      1st ed.
      For Awful Ogre, the coming of summer offers opportunities to get outside and swim, visit a favorite hotel, and climb an isolated mountain. Throug