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      Lawson, Robert,
      Banjamin Franklin's companion, Amos the mouse, recounts how he was responsible for Franklin's inventions and discoveries.
      [sound recording]
      Lawson, Robert,
      [1988], c1981.
      An account of the life of the Revere family and the activities of the Sons of Liberty as told from the point of view of Paul Revere's horse.
      Lawson, Robert,
      [1973, c1953]
      When Sam Adams rescued Sherry from the glue cart, little did he know he was creating an authority on the Revere family, the trade of the silversm
      Lawson, Robert,
      New folks are coming to live in the Big House. The animals of Rabbbit Hill wonder if they will plant a garden and thus be good providers.
      Lawson, Robert,
      Lawson, Robert,
      [1960, c1944]
      Lawson, Robert,
      Lawson, Robert,
      The hard winter that Analdes, the old rabbit, prophesis comes to pass in more ways than one for the dwellers of Rabbit Hill when the "folk" go aw