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      Cover image for Becoming Ben Franklin : how a candle-maker's son helped light the flame of liberty
      Freedman, Russell.
      1st ed.
      An introduction to the life of young Benjamin Franklin describes how, as a rebellious teen in 1732, he ran away from his family and a Boston appr
      Cover image for Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass : the story behind an American friendship
      Freedman, Russell.
      A clear-sighted, carefully researched account of two surprisingly parallel lives and how they intersected at a critical moment in U.S. history.
      Cover image for The Boston Tea Party
      Freedman, Russell.
      1st ed.
      Tells the story of the Boston Tea Party of 1773 from the arrival of the ships full of controversial taxed tea in Boston Harbor, through the explo
      Cover image for Lafayette and the American Revolution
      Freedman, Russell.
      1st ed.
      An account of Marquis de Lafayette, a young French nobleman, who helped bring victory at Yorktown and became a lifelong friend of George Washingt
      Cover image for The war to end all wars : World War I
      Freedman, Russell.
      1st ed.
      Washington's army nearly perished during the winter of 1777-78. Camped at Valley Forge, the revolutionaries endured severe hardship. The army's s
      Freedman, Russell.
      "For a long time, most people believed that Christopher Columbus was the first explorer to 'discover' America--the first to make a successful rou
      Cover image for The adventures of Marco Polo
      Freedman, Russell.
      1st ed.
      A look at the life of Marco Polo.
      Cover image for Freedom walkers : the story of the Montgomery bus boycott
      Freedman, Russell.
      1st ed.
      Covers the events surrounding and including the Montgomery Bus Boycott, the end of segregation on buses.
      Freedman, Russell.
      In the 1930s, black singer Marian Anderson was not allowed to perform at Constitution Hall. But with help from Eleanor Roosevelt, Anderson staged
      [sound recording] :
      Cover image for Children of the Great Depression
      Freedman, Russell.
      Life was hard for children during the Great Depression: kids had to do without new clothes, shoes, or toys, and many couldn't attend school becau
      Cover image for The voice that challenged a nation : Marian Anderson and the struggle for equal rights
      Freedman, Russell.
      In the mid-1930s, Marian Anderson was a famed vocalist who had been applauded by European royalty and welcomed at the White House. But, because o