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      Billard, Ruth Sawyer.
      Cover image for The remarkable Christmas of the cobbler's sons
      Sawyer, Ruth,
      A poor cobbler and his three sons worry about having food for their Christmas feast, until a playful goblin king pays them a visit.
      Sawyer, Ruth,
      Cover image for Roller skates
      Sawyer, Ruth,
      1986, c1964.
      The discoveries and adventures of ten-year-old Lucinda, who spends a wonderful year exploring the New York City of the 1890's.
      Sawyer, Ruth,
      [1973, c1940]
      Sawyer, Ruth,
      [1st ed.]
      Sawyer, Ruth,
      Sawyer, Ruth,
      Sawyer, Ruth,
      A Mexican lad finds a Chinese dragon on the hillside and, in return for feeding the dragon and telling him old tales, the dragon helps the boy's
      Sawyer, Ruth,
      An Irish lad catches a leprechaun to take with him on a trip to America, where he impresses his new friends with the splendors of his homeland an