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      Tan, Shaun.
      First American edition.
      A new book of sketches, artwork, and personal reflection that offers insight into the creative process of the award winning artist, Shaun Tan.
      Tan, Shaun.
      First American edition.
      A latest book of sketches, artwork, and personal reflections offers insight into the illustrator's creative process, his struggles with "artist's
      Cover image for A day in the life a short story.
      Cover image for Lost and found
      Tan, Shaun.
      1st Omnibus ed.
      Three stories explore how we lose and find what matters most to us, as a girl finds a bright spot in a dark world, a boy leads a strange, lost be
      Tan, Shaun.
      1st American ed.
      Fifteen illustrated short stories, some humorous and some haunting, set in the Australian suburbs.
      Tan, Shaun.
      1st ed.
      In this wordless graphic novel, a man leaves his homeland and sets off for a new country, where he must build a new life for himself and his fami
      Tan, Shaun.
      When a child awakens with dark leaves drifting into her bedroom, she feels that "sometimes the day begins with nothing to look forward to, and th
      Cover image for Rules of summer
      Tan, Shaun,
      First American edition.
      Two boys explain the occasionally mysterious "rules" they learned over the summer, like never eat the last olive at a party, never ruin a perfect
      Link, Kelly.
      A collection of nine short stories for young adults.
      Moloney, James,
      David and his parents move to a new town with a huge storm drain that would be perfect for skateboarding, and in spite of hearing warnings about
      Cover image for Other worlds
      Cover image for Other worlds
      An anthology of original science fiction and fantasy stories.