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      Jeffers, Susan.
      1st ed.
      "Every summer on Chincoteague Island, there is an auction of ponies who have swum across the channel from Assateague, where ponies run free. If J
      Jeffers, Susan.
      1st ed.
      An abridged version of the story of Marie Stahlbaum, who helps break the spell on her toy nutcracker and watches him change into a handsome princ
      Cover image for My pony
      Jeffers, Susan.
      1st ed.
      Sally asks her mother to reread the story about a girl who, after creating many paintings of the pony she hoped for, grew up to become an artist.
      Jeffers, Susan.
      1st ed.
      In her haste to flee the palace before the fairy godmother's magic loses effect, Cinderella leaves behind a glass slipper.
      Jeffers, Susan.
      Eleven brothers, turned into wild swans by an evil stepmother, are saved by the sacrifices of their beautiful sister, Elise.
      1st ed.
      Presents rhymes about horses from Mother Goose.
      Jeffers, Susan J.
      Teaches compassionate concepts and highly effective exercises that unravel the complexities and reverse the effects of fear.
      [electronic resource]
      Jeffers, Susan J.
      1st U.S. ed.
      Offers advice on how to overcome anxiety about the uncertainty of life, sharing exercises on letting go of the need to control and techniques for
      Jeffers, Susan J.
      1st ed.
      How to build yourself up when the world gets you down.