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      Egan, Tim.
      Dodsworth and his duck companion have a lovely time in Rome, even though the duck tries to improve the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel and takes al
      Egan, Tim.
      Despite a dart-throwing episode at a local pub and a case of mistaken identity, Dodsworth and his mischievous duck companion receive a royal invi
      Egan, Tim.
      When Dodsworth sets out for adventure, including a stop in New York City before going to Paris, London, and beyond, he does not expect a crazy du
      Egan, Tim.
      Dodsworth does as little work as he can, collecting items from a junkyard and placing them in his thrift store for sale, until he happens upon a
      Egan, Tim.
      Jealous of the highly talented dog Marley, Preston the bear spreads a rumor that the dog is a wizard.
      Egan, Tim.
      Sedrick is visited by an enormous, annoying bird that wreaks havoc on the town, but when the bird is presumed dead after a violent hurricane, Sed
      Egan, Tim.
      When King Milford offers his entire kingdom to the person who can grow the largest juiciest watermelon, the inhabitants of Chestnut Cove become s
      Egan, Tim,
      Dodsworth's duck companion is surprisingly well-behaved during a visit to Tokyo, although he does fall into the koi pond at the Imperial Palace a
      Egan, Tim,
      When Dodsworth and the duck vacation in Paris, they have a grand time despite running out of money and accidentally riding their bicycles in the
      Egan, Tim,
      Sam the horse gets picked to be on the local baseball team, but unfortunately his friend Jackson the cat, despite being a good thrower, is not se
      Egan, Tim,
      Farmer Fred takes his work very seriously and so do his animals, until they decide they need to make the farm more fun and set out to find a way
      Egan, Tim,
      Sheldon, a pig who works as a short-order cook, encounters a mad scientist one stormy Halloween night and must face all of his biggest fears.