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      Cover image for Strega Nona : an old tale
      De Paola, Tomie.
      [1988], c1975.
      When Strega Nona leaves him alone with her magic pasta pot, Big Anthony is determined to show the townspeople how it works.
      De Paola, Tomie.
      [1988], c1973.
      Cover image for Brava, Strega Nona! a heartwarming pop-up book
      De Paola, Tomie.
      Strega Nona shares the six ingredients for a magical life, illustrated with elaborate pop-ups. Also includes a few basic Italian words and phrase
      Cover image for Tomie DePaola's big book of favorite legends
      De Paola, Tomie.
      Four favorite legends from retold and illustrated by Tomie DePaola, covering folktales from Texas to Italy.
      De Paola, Tomie.
      2006, c1996.
      Board book ed.
      De Paola, Tomie.
      [2006], c1990.
      When a dinosaur hatches from the egg that Little Grunt brought home for dinner, Mama and Papa Grunt let him keep it as a pet until it grows too b
      De Paola, Tomie.
      Although Tommy fails to get the part of Peter Rabbit in the kindergarten play, he still finds a way to be the center of attention on stage.
      De Paola, Tomie.
      Illustrations depict the various types of angels that take care of children in their everyday lives, such as The Wake-Up Angel, The Music Angel,
      De Paola, Tomie.
      When his grandfather suffers a stroke, Bobby teaches him to walk, just as his grandfather had once taught him.
      Cover image for Four friends in autumn
      De Paola, Tomie.
      1st ed.
      Four friends, Missy Cat, Mistress Pig, Master Dog, and Mister Frog, enjoy an autumn dinner party together.
      Cover image for Four friends in summer
      De Paola, Tomie.
      1st ed.
      Four friends, Missy Cat, Mistress Pig, Master Dog, and Mister Frog, enjoy the warm and sunny days of spring and summer together.
      Cover image for Trouble in the Barkers' class
      De Paola, Tomie.
      Barker twins
      When a new girl in the Barkers' class, Carole Anne, acts like a bully, the students try talking to her and ignoring her until Morgie finally disc