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      Cover image for When I wore my sailor suit
      Shulevitz, Uri,
      1st ed.
      A young child spends the day imagining himself to be a sailor on a grand adventure.
      Cover image for How I learned geography
      Shulevitz, Uri,
      1st ed.
      As he spends hours studying his father's world map, a young boy escapes the hunger and misery of refugee life. Based on the author's childhood in
      Cover image for SoSleepyStory
      Shulevitz, Uri,
      1st ed.
      In the quiet of the night, a sleepy sleepy boy awakes to find the dishes, chairs, and clocks enjoying themselves. In a sleepy sleepy house everyt
      Cover image for The travels of Benjamin of Tudela : through three continents in the twelfth century
      Shulevitz, Uri,
      1st ed.
      A fictionalized account of the travels of Benjamin, a Jewish man from Tudela, Spain, who, in 1159, set out on a fourteen-year-long journey that t
      Cover image for The treasure [sound recording]
      Shulevitz, Uri,
      [sound recording]
      Shulevitz, Uri,
      1st ed.
      Relates the doings of the Emperor of Pickleberry and his ingenious talking bird Lou.
      Cover image for Snow
      Shulevitz, Uri,
      1st ed.
      As snowflakes slowly come down, one by one, people in the city ignore them, and only a boy and his dog think that the snowfall will amount to any
      Cover image for The golden goose
      Shulevitz, Uri,
      1st ed.
      Simpleton's generosity helps him gain a princess for his bride.
      Shulevitz, Uri,
      1st ed.
      The king's clever treasurer tries to clear his name when the chief minister accuses the treasurer of stealing.
      Shulevitz, Uri,
      Cover image for Dawn
      Shulevitz, Uri,
      Sunburst ed.
      Camped for the night by a lake, a boy and his grandfather experience dawn from their row boat.