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      [1999], c1981.
      Story of a man obsessed with a dream to build his own personal opera house in a remote Peruvian town.
      Aguirre sets out on a journey with a small band of Pizarro's conquistadores down the Amazon in search of the land of El Dorado, the mythical City
      [videorecording] =
      As long as the holy site known as 'where the green ants dream' is safe, the aboriginal natives believe that their culture, and Earth itself, will
      [videorecording] =
      Cover image for Heart of glass [videorecording] = Herz aus Glas
      Set in the pre-industrial past, the story tells of a German village that loses the secret of making its unique Ruby glass. The townspeople turn t
      [videorecording] =
      Graham Dorrington is an enthusiastic English aeronautical engineer on a mission to revive the airship, that ill-fated aeronautic conveyance other
      Cover image for Happy people [videorecording] : a year in the Taiga
      A stunning documentary about the life of indigenous people living in the heart of the Siberian Taiga. Deep in the wilderness, far away from civil
      [videorecording] :
      Cover image for Cave of forgotten dreams [videorecording]
      A breathtaking new documentary from the incomparable Werner Herzog, follows an exclusive expedition into the nearly inaccessible Chauvet Cave in
      An injured German soldier is sent to recuperate at a remote Greek island during the Second World War. The islands beauty tempts him with the prom
      [videorecording] =
      Cover image for The enigma of Kaspar Hauser [videorecording]
      Based on a real historical event, this is the story of Kaspar Hauser, a young man who appeared in a small German town in 1820 after having lived
      Lessons of darkness: A stirring documentary of 1992 post-Gulf War Kuwait, focusing on the oil well fires ignited by retreating Iraqi soldiers. Wh
      [videorecording] ; Fata Morgana
      A group of dwarves living in a sort of prison in a remote country are fed up with their condition and begin rebelling against their keepers which
      [videorecording] =
      Documents German film director Werner Herzog's struggle to complete his film Fitzcarraldo in the face of plane crashes, torrential rains, attacks