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      Father Michael Oleksa speaks about Aleut history, with an emphasis on the Aleut culture, the role the sea has played, and the consequences of war
      "This exciting and compelling one hour documentary DVD invites viewers into the lives of contemporary Native American role models living in the U
      [videorecording] :
      Beyond the mortal world lies Nine Kingdoms where the fantastic land of fairy tales and magic exist. This is the tale of Prince Wendell and the ev
      [Widescreen presentation]
      Analyzes and discusses so called "frivolous law suits" and the impact of tort reform on the United States judicial system. Discusses several case
      Joe Bowers is an average Joe. He is not the sharpest tool in the shed. He becomes part of a government experiment to go into hibernation. The exp
      "A fishing adventure Alaska-style. Throughout the dull warmth of Fall, as the Midnight Sun begins to dip they will rise. One of the most fantasti
      "Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender older people who fought the first battles for equality now face so much fear of discrimination, bullying
      "A traditional Inuit hunter from ages ago scours the barren landscape in search of food, braving brutal weather, winds and famine. An expert of t
      "In 2007 a company of mostly Yup'ik soliders from the 2nd Scout Battalion of Alaska's Army National Guard were ordered on their first ever active
      Streetwise San Francisco police detective Harry Callahan will nail the serial killer Scorpio one way or another, no matter what "the system" pres
      Detective Harry Callahan is pitted against an unexpected lawbreaker: one who carries a badge. Sharpshooting rookie motorcycle cops have turned vi